Red Wine

The first step for making red wine is the plot selection to determine which kind of grape will go in this or that tank in order to make this cuvee.

On the contrary of whites & rosés, the grapes are destalked to put away the stalk and avoid vegetal tannins.  Then, the grape is tanked by gravity in concrete tanks.

The juices will start their alcoholic fermentation while we make regular pumping over each day to homogenize the liquid inside the tank.  The fruits will remain inside with the fermenting juices during a few weeks in order to extract the amount of color and aromas we want.

When we reach the wanted level of concentration we pull the grapes out to press them. Juices from the press will be separated from the juices that were already in tank to let them finish their fermentation.

As for the whites we start racking a few times to eliminate the gross lees and keep the fine one for the aging. At the same time the second fermentation (malo-lactic) is starting and is going to stabilize the wines while it brings roundness and decrease the acidity.

During the following months, while the wine is aging in tanks, we decide of the blending for each cuvee. After the choice is made, we blend and then let the wines age a few more month in tanks before bottling them, most of time they age during 12 months.


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